Blackdog Manufacturing began in 1997 ,with the design and manufacture of the Candy Cable Car, a retail fixture that was immediatly recognized by mall and venue managers as the foremost example of quality .

Since that time, Blackdog has evolved into a quality-driven, custom metal and woodworking facility.

Oriented toward the needs of landscape architects, urban planners, and retail venue managers, we are a facility that can handle the entire process, from conceptual development, to prototyping, to fabrication and manufacture.

Our capabilities feature CNC (computer numeric controlled) plasma cutting, CNC welding, forming and metal finishing capability. And, true to our roots with the Candy Cable Car, Blackdog still offers a full spectrum of artisan woodworking capability.

The quality and precision of our work dictates that we create a library of fixtures for each of our clients, from which we can readily manufacture runs of a few, a few dozen, or a few hundred.

Though Blackdog continues to grow, our intention is to become no larger than necessary to provide our select cadre of cleints with that careful attention to detail which has become our trademark.

























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